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axe throwing facts

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Flesher-Sonnier found the appeal of propelling rustic steel so intoxicating that she opened an entire bar devoted to it this past December. The point is to hurl axes at bullseye targets within the confines of a cozy lodge setting. Whereas indoor tennis courts or skating rinks can feel sparse or clinical, Kick Axe goes all out in celebrating its lumberjack roots: Moose heads line the walls, sweater pillows pepper the plaid armchairs, and animal-skin rugs cover the wood floors.

A six-foot-tall Babe the Blue Ox greets patrons at the front door. Inside, retro indoor board games like Operation abound. There are shelves filled with logs, but at no point did I spot an actual working fireplace. On a recent Friday night, I convinced a few friends to test-drive the premises. It all seemed light-hearted and fun, that is, until we saw and heard the onslaught of axes whirling only a feet away from our heads.

Adding to our anxiety was the fact that we were split up into teams—and our opponents were a family of four that included an 8-year-old and a year-old. I sorta like kids, but not when they have axes in hand. How the hell did this place get insurance? I thought as I tried to convince my comrades not to run right out the door. Fear is an emotion the Kick Axe founder is accustomed to. For example, kids must be at least 8, and the staff is trained to identity intoxicated patrons which, thankfully, is a no-go at the batting stump.

TheJudge44 or Giancarlo? Or actually, bambambaklava? As for sourcing these ax-perts, Kick Axe did not travel to the forests of Minnesota or the remote farmland of North Dakota.

Instead, the company simply posted a callout on a local job board for actors. From there, the founding team spent three weeks teaching these future Brandos how to not only throw axes, but also how to pass the lessons onto customers.

Axe-throwing is not as simple as it looks: A thrower needs to calculate distance to the target, measure momentum, and shift his or her weight between the front and back legs. Most of the new recruits had no experience wielding axes.

The History of Axe Throwing

They were sweet, friendly, and nonthreatening, and sometimes remarkably awkward. Flesher-Sonnier is no stranger to experiential spaces. A few years ago, the entrepreneur saw indoor axe-throwing venues from Canada pop up in her Instagram and Facebook feeds.

The newly inspired axe-addict quickly decided she wanted to bring it to the States. An indoor axe space in Boston already existed, but she wanted to further expand its reach—and tweak the concept a bit.

Link in Bio! Armed with her Escape Room experience, she spent a year preparing for the launch of Kick Axe in Brooklyn.The history of axe throwing is a fascinating subject. Throughout history, axes have been popular as both a tool and a weapon due to the cheapness of their make.

Axes are some of the oldest tools known to man. They were common in the stone age. Initially, they were made without a handle or haft and the cutting edge was made from stone. The Francisca axe is probably the most famous types of throwing axes.

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It was used in the early middle age as a weapon. Commonly associated with the Franks, for whom it was the national weapon, it was also used by many of the other Germanic Tribes at the time. Some historians believe that the thrown axe was not actually used in battles. They believe it would be folly to throw away a prized weapon and then be unarmed in the face of their enemies.

Instead, they believe that it was used in the hunting of food. Other historians claim that the axe was thrown before hand-to-hand combat. They provided a psychological edge to their war efforts. The Francisca would often have a random trajectory so it was difficult to predict where the axe was going to go. After a volley, enemies would often run fearing that another volley would follow.

The Official World Axe Throwing League Rules (2018)

In the late Middle Ages, throwing axes were common. They were made of iron and were often used by both foot soldiers and knights. Europeans brought them to the New World. They provided them as tomahawks to the Native Americans.

The Best Throwing Axes & Throwing Hatchets, According to Pro Axe Throwers

According to legend, the first axe throwing competitions were held by the frontiersmen in North America.The francisca or francesca is a throwing axe used as a weapon during the Early Middle Ages by the Franksamong whom it was a characteristic national weapon at the time of the Merovingians from about to and is known to have been used during the reign of Charlemagne — The historian Gregory of Tours c.

The francisca is characterized by its distinctly arch-shaped head, widening toward the cutting edge and terminating in a prominent point at both the upper and lower corners. The top of the head is usually either S-shaped or convex with the lower portion curving inward and forming an elbow with the short wooden haft.

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Most franciscas have a round or teardrop-shaped eye designed to fit the tapered haft, similar to Viking axes. The Byzantine historian Procopius c. Now the iron head of this weapon was thick and exceedingly sharp on both sides while the wooden handle was very short.

And they are accustomed always to throw these axes at one signal in the first charge and thus shatter the shields of the enemy and kill the men. Procopius makes it clear that the Franks threw their axes immediately before hand-to-hand combat with the purpose of breaking shields and disrupting the enemy line while possibly wounding or killing an enemy warrior. Even if the edge of the blade were not to strike the target, the weight of the iron head could cause injury. The francisca also had a psychological effect, in that, on the throwing of the francisca, the enemy might turn and run in the fear that another volley was coming.

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Cold weapon. For other uses, see Francisca disambiguation. The Complete Encyclopedia of Arms and Weapons: the most comprehensive reference work ever published on arms and armor from prehistoric times to the present with over 1, illustrations.

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In other projects Wikimedia Commons. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Francisques.In the past decade, the sport of axe throwing has gone from lumberjack pastime to national phenomenon.

axe throwing facts

It has the same competitive thrill as cornhole but with more of an edge. Players hurl sharp weapons tomahawks, hatchets at a inch wide target and receive points based on where their throws sink into the target. They have beer on tap, music in the air, and caged-in ranges in which players can toss axes solo or with friends. And anyone can do it — young, old, men, women, it does not matter.

But what if you want to set up an axe throwing area in your backyard? We spoke to a number of professional axe throwing experts as well as venue owners about how to set up an area for you and friends to engage in some hatchet-throwing action. The first thing to do is find a spot that is clear of obstacles around your intended target area. It can be in your backyard or even a garage if you have very high ceilings minimum 12 feet tall.

Then you want to measure 12 feet from the target and make a three-foot deep throwing box on the ground. According to Sonnier, most guys do well from 12 feet and women tend to fling from 14 or 15 feet.

It will be much better and more fun. You can build one from plywood or any other soft wood. It should be at least inches in diameter. It will last longer and is easier for the axe to stick into. Install a 4 x 6 backstop on which to mount targets. With this setup, you can follow the WATL basic scoring rubric when tossing.

Ten throws per match, highest aggregate score wins. A tie goes to sudden death with higher throw winning. Most experts recommend coming in to an establishment to learn the basics before heading into the backyard to throw. Once you improve your technique and are looking for more precision, then you can go for a lighter axe 1.

One thing to note: Wooden handles might look good but they also break, especially when used by beginners. Steel one-piece axes with a inch handle are a good choice. Keeping this in mind, here are the best throwing axes, throwing hatchets, and throwing tomahawks to buy.

This is a forged steel head one-piece axe with a great grip that is bonded on. It has a 4-inch blade, is 16 inches long, and will hold a sharpened edge for a long time.A throwing axe is a weapon used during the Middle Ages by foot soldiers and occasionally knights. Usually, they are thrown in an overhand motion much like throwing a baseball in a manner that causes the axe to rotate as it travels through the air.

Axe throwing is a sport in which the competitor throws an axe at a target, attempting to hit the bullseye as near as possible like that of the archery. Axe throwing is an event held in most lumberjack competitions.

A skilled axe thrower will rotate the throwing axe exactly once throughout the flight so that the sharpened edge of the head will penetrate the target. Throwing axes are becoming popular among outdoor enthusiasts as a throwing tool. Throwing axes have been used since prehistoric times and were developed into the francisca by the Franks in the 3rd century AD.

Although generally associated with the Franks, it was also used by other Germanic peoples of the period including the Anglo-Saxons. The francisca is characterized by its distinctly arch-shaped head, widening toward the cutting edge and terminating in a prominent point at both the upper and lower corners. The top of the head is usually either S-shaped or convex with the lower portion curving inward and forming an elbow with the short wooden haft.

Sometimes the head is more up swept, forming a wider angle with the haft. Most franciscas have a round or teardrop-shaped eye designed to fit the tapered haft, similar to Viking axes. Even this New World weapon experienced some influence by the francisca in the French territories. Tomahawk throwing competitions still take place today. A hurlbat or whirlbat, whorlbat is the term used for a type of weapon with unclear original definition.

Older reference works refer to it largely as a type of club, either held in the hand or possibly thrown. Modern usage appears to refer to a type of throwing-axe. The Nzappa zap is a weapon from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. This weapon is certainly one of the more unusual-looking throwing axes. The Nzappa zaps sometimes had an iron head with two or three human faces. The handle had the shape of a club with a round upper part.

The head is attached to the club via struts, giving the weapon its unique design. Besides being thrown, these axes were sometimes used to injure the enemy directly by hand.

This can be used both for short distances throw and as a melee weapon in hand-to-hand combat. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article does not cite any sources.

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Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.We hope to be open in a few weeks. To find out which rate applies to you and your group please visit Axe Throwing Costs.

You may also contact us directly for the maximum number of people we can accommodate. Yes, we do offer walk-ins for those who just want to drop in or don't have a large enough group for a dedicated event.

Our walk-in schedule is updated weekly and we encourage people to check the schedule 2 hours before they're planning on visiting as it is subject to change. Bad Axe is open 7 days a week, by appointment only. If you are looking to book on a weekend, then you should book at least weeks in advance. If you are looking to book on a weekday, then you should book at least weeks in advance.

We would love you to come in with your friends or on a date. To get a dedicated coach, you must book an event and meet minimum group size requirements. Alternatively, we offer walk-ins for locations; please check the walk-in schedule for availability. We do require everyone who throws to wear closed-toed shoes. In the winter we recommend you make sure to wear layers because it gets a little cold, but other than that just wear something comfortable.

All locations except Chicago allow kids to participate provided they can throw the axe in a safe manner and their guardian or parent is present. In Chicago the minimum age to participate is Due to licensing, in the UK the minimum age is 8. Yes, we run leagues! Check out the Axe Throwing League section of our website for more details. The rules will be explained to you during the orientation speech prior to your event. Can't wait? We require a 2 week cancellation notice in order to receive a refund on your deposit.

This also applies to events that need to be rescheduled - 2 weeks notice is required. Yes, you are more than welcome to bring your food or snacks. For San Francisco food policy: Please Contact us directly. We do not have an age limit, but there is a strength restriction. If we feel that a person is not strong enough to throw the axe in a safe manner, then we will not let them throw.

Yes, we provide gift certificates that make a great gift! Please Contact us directly. No, we do not provide any eating utensils. That is the responsibility of the group to bring their own if they are planning to bring food.

Yes, there will be a brief orientation at the beginning of your event where you will be shown the proper way to throw the axe.Axe Throwing is not a new sport altogether. Axe Throwing has been existing since the prehistoric times. The Franks evolved it as Francisca in the 3rd century AD. But Canada is the country that gave a new lease of life to this game.

Well, the concept is a bit different as the axe throwing is now performed in an urban environment. Axe throwing is thriving in Canada and some other places too. Axe Throwing is a sport that started back in It is nearly similar to dart throwing and is performed in a backyard where the participant has to throw an axe at the target.

Here, the attempt is to hit as near as possible to the bullseye. It has also been listed as an event in most of the lumberjack competitions. Axe throwing can now be found in multiple festivals and theme parks too. It can almost solve all your issues and that too at a lower cost than a Therapist.

So, the next time you feel stressed out, you know what to do. Axe Throwing can be to be apt for toning your body. Axe throwing is one of the safest and amusing ways of getting some exercise done.

Furthermore, it will also get your blood pumping with lots of endorphins releasing. When compared to ancient times, Axe throwing may not hold that much importance today. But back in time, it was considered as a skill on which every single person survived. Experiencing axe throwing will lessen the distance between you and your past, it will help in boosting your confidence, last but not least, it will keep you prepared for the unseen situations.

According to a report by BATLthere have been just five or six injuries over a long period of nine years. Interestingly, these accidents were also a result of mishandling the axes — Something like picking up the axe by the head instead of the handle. Until you follow the rules, Axe Throwing is as safe as darts or bowling.

Throwing axe

An Axe Throwing Bar refers to an indoor space where people can throw axes or hatches at a wooden target. Axe Throwing is one of such sports that is trying to make its place in the Olympics. It works on standardized rules and regulations. Some of the Axe Throwing venues in America are relatively similar to bowling alleys, whereas others have some recreational Axe throwing leagues. Besides, some of the bars or restaurants have axe throwing as an added attraction to their menus.

Axe Throwing – Aim it Right!

Anyone can visit these Axe throwing bars, but only a few can participate in this game. Every bar has its separate rules for the same.

For example, a bar named Detroit Axe lets a year-old try this sport but only with proper adult supervision; otherwise, the age limit is 18 plus. Whereas an Axe throwing bar called Kick Axe, situated in Brooklyn lets someone who is just seven years old to participate in this game but again with proper adult supervision.

axe throwing facts

Besides, there are some places where they have an age limit of 21 years. These Axe throwing venues are becoming utterly popular among people for various occasions such as bachelor parties, Birthday parties, or a corporate retreat.

There are several places where one can experience these Axe throwing bars. Presently, Axe Throwing takes place in a space that resembles an old warehouse.

Generally, it has high ceilings with heavy-duty walls and fencing around the targets on the top and sides. There is a wooden target on the jacked-up wall that comes in varying sizes, colors, and concentric circles.

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